Can you get pregnant using your mums dildo?

K so I got really horny and I started using things to calm myself then as I was looking through my moms room I found a vibrator dil dough thing so I never washed it or anything and I tried for like 30 seconds is there a chance I could be pregnant cause I never washed the vibrator dil dough thing first but I only used it for 30 secs??

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This has every sign of being a troll post. First there is the fact that angelfire has already pointed out -- no one lives 23 years thinking you can get pregnant from a piece of plastic.

Second is the exaggerated misspelling of "dildo" as "dil dough thing." It's difficult to accept that even if someone didn't know how to spell "dildo" that they would settle on that spelling as a guess.

Thirdly is the unrealistic nature of the setup itself. She's sitting around, gets struck suddenly by a case of the hornies, and so the first thing she does is go exploring in her mother's underwear drawer? Not likely. When people get horny, they masturbate. They don't go looking for their parents' sex aids.

Peddle fakery somewhere else.

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NO, your NOT!

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thats gross.
you used your moms???
AND didnt even wash it..

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wait but what if the dil do was in between 2 matresses could of everything died or?

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when I was five I new that having sex could get you prego and not by any thing else exept what a doctors does but I cant spell it I"ll give it a try I think its natural insimination I dont no

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you still live with your mom when your 23 wow anyways I agree with everybody befor me that answered !!!

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First off, you should tell your REAL age, because any 23 yr old would know that you CANT get pregnant from using a vibrator! Unless a guy just ejaculated on it, and immediately put it inside of you. Sperm is the only thing that can fertilize an egg.

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you really need better sex education
while its almost impossible, there is a small chance ...because it CAN happen
especially because men can use dildos as well
I wouldnt think you are though
if your mother has an std its very likely that you have it now as well
you need to either put a condom on it or dont use it at all
because its very unhealthy to use someone elses sex toys

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1) lmao, EW
2) no, you can't get pregnant from that. you need SPERM from a man to get pregnant. sperm can live 4 hours in open air, and up to 7 days in the vagina. since the vibrator was exposed to air, anything that was on it would have died within 4 hours. so unless, for some odd reason, a guy was using your mothers vibrator, and came on it up to 4 hours before you used it, there is no chance of pregnancy.

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okay thanks so your saying im not pregnant right?
and I know my mom doesnt have stds so im fine but am I or not?

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wait but what if the dil do was in between 2 matresses could of everything died or?

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