Am I like a daredevil?

Some of my friends say I am cause I’m always doing something stupid or just stuff not many people do,when I’m at school I would jump from the 3rd step to the bottom (pretty tall stair case) or when I was 7 I would jump onto cars for the sake of it even when I was racing people,and on the 4th of July of this year I climbed on top of my house and jumped into the backyard. Am I one?

Answer #1

yeah you are but jump off a two story house and land on a trampoline then jump into a pool. thats fun. you should do parkour if you like jumping and it gets your fit.

Answer #2

yea its crazy fun your a daredevil im sumwhat to but I perfer mischif to get my adrenalin punping rather then heights

Answer #3

yeah, I do all of that.. and my mates say that too. so yeah.. you are. nice one

Answer #4

yeah you sound like a daredevil. :)

Answer #5

Hahaha yea lol

Answer #6

No, sounds pretty average to me.

Answer #7

yh you just like to do outrageous stuff

Answer #8

Sounds more like mania…

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