Am i jealous or annoyed that she's kissed first?

my bestmates kissed before me do you think im jelous or just annoyed at her ??

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Don't listen to Danielleee's criticism question is a stupid question in the eyes of a tolerant/considering mind.
In my honest opinion there might be a lil jealousy in the equation there. Are you attracted/interested in one of your friends possibly? That most likely is the reason why you are feeling this way towards her. If you are then the only way it would be a REAL problem is if you were together and this subject wasn't addressed and made clear that it was only a one time deal. So if you aren't going to pursue a relationship with your friend, don't stress over it. Feelings come and go, and are sometimes unknown as to why they are felt. That's human nature/instinct for ya.

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you're jealous
no doubt about it

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what the f*ck kind of question is that??
I think you should know for yourself...

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