Am I hot or ugly?

Bored and wondering. What do you think?! :)

Answer #1

When you were young, you were probably cute. But now you wear too much make up and JUST look like a slut, the kind of girl who would get herself knocked up when she’s pregnant. I know, you aren’t a slut - you just look like one.

I think belindaleigh has said it all.

Answer #2

why do you ask this is a bad qution becuse if some one says your not it colde heart your feelings

Answer #3

Do you want the truth or a lie? I honestly think, that you wear a BIT too much make up, and could afford to put on a few pounds.

And I think that wearing a shirt as low cut/short as the one in your photo makes you look like a bimbo.

There.I said it. Sorry, but its all true.

Answer #4

smokin hot beyond belief. I mean dam!!! you are a 10 out of 10

Answer #5


Answer #6

u look like a strit hoe azz slut

Answer #7

Your a cutie…!!! Obviously

Answer #8

sorry but u r buttugly! and ur pic is hidious!!!! some advice get a life!!!!!!!! and some style! some mega style!!!!!! sorry ugly!

Answer #9

I will give you 6 out of 10

Answer #10

aint going to lie but ewww

Answer #11

(That unintentional typo cracks me up.)

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