Should I tell my busy friend and boyfriend about my health scare?

i was recently told by the doctors that i have pre cancerous cells emerging in my cervix… and that if i dont have this operation to remove the cells it may turn into cancer. my question isnt whether i should or shouldnt its how do i tell my best friend and boyfriend? my best friend knows every detail about my life, but she has enough drama and concerns of her own life that i dont think she needs my sarrows dropped on her shoulders. With my boyfriend its the same thing.. he is so stressed out from work adn all his court stuff i font feel he needs the burden of knowin his girlfriend may potentionally have cancer… especially if ill be fine after the operation… so is it wrong of me to want them there for me, even thou their plates are full? they would most definately be there in a heart beat if asked but is it really fair to them if i ask at all?

Answer #1

You will probably have what is called a Cone Biopsy of the Cervix. My daughter had this done a few months ago and it was done as an outpatient, i.e. going in the morning and going home in the afternoon. It will be up to you who you want to tell but you won’t be gone long enough that anyone will will know you had an operation. In my daughters case she was later advised to have a partial hysterectomy just to be certain no cancerous cells were left behind and that was only an overnight stay in the hospital. Good luck to you and don’t worry.

Answer #2

i thnl you should tell them about you health scare as they would wanto be there to support you when ever you decided the time is right to tell them, only you will know when to tell them, i hope your problem is not to serious, Good luck

Answer #3

I went through the same thing you are going through now last year, but mine was already cancer formed on my cervix. So i know what you are going through if you need to talk about the surgeries and what to expect i will tell you about my experience. I just came right out and told my bf about it and he was there for me 100% it is a scary thing to go through alone so tell them both, so you can have support from them and just keep reassuring them everythings will be ok because they caught it early and they are only pre cancerous cells not full blown cancer. Good Luck and go to all your appointments.

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