Am I a coward for not leaving him?

I am in a relationship that I know is going nowhere. I mean he gets on my last nerves with his crap.I am not working right now so he is my only source of income and I can’t pay these bills alone.So I am stuck with him until one of these jobs comes through.And I am looking hard and heavy for a job.So do I sit in the dark or put up with this man that I am beginning to despise.

Answer #1

if u despise him dont stay wit him it makes no sence to stay wit someone u know that u dont want see if u can stay wit friends or family till u can get on ur feet

Answer #2

Sounds like you are only staying with him out of convienience, becos he pays your bills. Thats not a nice way to describe your relationship, you need to stop using him for his money if you dont wanna be with him and get a job and let him go.

Answer #3

u cant wait all day for this littel man u need to kick him to the curb ur better of with out him if u can make a living for urself.

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