Is this allergies?

I have sinus and headache problems what can I do to end this all? ivegone to doctors taken prescripted to herbs to over the counter and teas or whatever and I've beenlike this for a looong time when isay long I mean like a year or two..non stop..pleeze help

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Try salt water irrigation. I used to be congested a lot from allergies until I started rinsing my sinuses and nasal passages with salt water.

You can use a Neti pot which looks like a miniature aladin's lamp, bulb syringes, or large syringes made for the purpose. The syringes do a better job but the Neti pot works for me and it is easier and more comfortable.

I found that using salt water to rinse out the snot, mucus, and allergens is far more effecitve than any medication I tried.

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did you try ear,throat,nose specialist?perhaps you have a diviated septum?

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