All my friends are going to Spain...

Well this year with the school, there is a Spain trip coming up in a couple of weeks time, and all of my friends are going, but I am not able to because it is too expensive.

While they go to Spain, we are going to be doing school-based activities, sounds great doesnt it…

Anyways, what am I going to do, all of my friends will be going to Spain and I’ll be stuck at school!!! Should I just scive off the week, my Mum said I could if I wanted to…

What do you guys think?

Answer #1

don’t skip. it’ll take FOREVER to catch up with schoolwork. And it isn’t a good habit to start.

Answer #2

Shes Hardly Gunna Have really Important Tests Because The Other People Would Miss It So Its Not As Bad,, I Dunno Though..

Answer #3

Oh, no we will not be doing work but we will be doing “fun” school based activities, just like the “fun” ones at Christmas :0

Answer #4

If you have good grades - won’t miss anything important (test, etc) - and the missed days won’t cost you to fail - I say skip them.

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