How different, or alike is Highschool to University when you do not live on campus?

I know I have asked several questions about University life, but I am so nervous! I was wondering about classes, homework and about meeting friends and such.

Answer #1

The classes are larger and the teachers are not hands on while the teach. They explain the information and you are expected to take notes and read your books and learn and be prepared for test. Its more laid back than a highschool though and its your choice whether or not to go to class now…no ones calling your mom when you dont show up, but it also means more responsibility to be there for you.

Answer #2

lol I am going to college barely got my classes cuz i took the placement test and i start on January I KNOW how u feel i am HECKA NERVOUS!!

Answer #3

it depends on how big the campus is. if its small u can have classes smaller than high school. i go to a university its a small campus, tho it is a satellite campus, my classes arent that big. the biggest class ive had was about 100 kids to start with and after the 1st test it dropped to like 75. it was a physiology class. ppl thot it was guna b easy haha they were wrong. but its not bad, its different cuz u have more freedom. u have more hw nd theres many different ppl around u

Answer #4

:o Ugh, my courses are so messed up! I am still trying to change them around but noo, a lot of them are FULL so now I have no idea what to do D:. I am so nervous! hah I will be a loner for sure.

Answer #5

i was put in the waiting list for ALONG time cuz the classes were full. funmail me so we can talk if u want.

Answer #6

try to get add in, by the professors. they can do that if theres room, even if the class is at the university’s limit.

Answer #7

yeah that makes me even MORE worried lol

Answer #8

whats that? what are u worried about? mayb i can help. im in my 3rd yr of college

Answer #9

funmail me, if u have questions or worries about college haha i can try to help

Answer #10

Eek, mine is BIG and I am no good with lots of people. LOL i am so nervous now.

Answer #11

Oo, Ok thank’s for that advice! I will definately try that :}

Answer #12

ahh it wil seem bad at first and at the thot of it, but once u start and start getting used to the classes it wont bother u too much. its just a transition period from hs to college, which is hard. but it seems like ur guna commute to the campus nd that makes it less stressful because it seems like u’ll b living at home or with ppl u know. i dont do well with lots of ppl either but idk once u get the hang of the classes it wont b too bad.

Answer #13

@breakingfan2006 what are u studying:)?

Answer #14

not living on campus can rock and blow. when I went to college it was manditory to live on campus for 2 semesters. it sucked cause the dorms are run like nazi camps and the rooms were like a demilitarized zone but I met a lot of people who are my friends still to this day (7 years later) When I went to grad school I moved off campus and it was nice having peace and quiet but it lacked the randomness of meeting people at a moments notice.

Answer #15

janicee if you have any other questions about college you can funmail me too

Answer #16

College is nothing like high school. There’s no one watching you, it’s your choice to show up or not, the teaching style is different (it’s basically lecturing and you’re expected to take notes), there’s no homework (except in math), your grades will mostly be based on tests and assignments (and in the smaller classes participation and attendance). It also depends on how big your school is. Although, if you pick a major from the start, you’re more likely to see the same people over and over again in the same classes, orientations, etc. Try to remember that you’re just starting and as anxious to make friends as everyone else who is just starting. Most of the classes you’ll be taking will be ‘freshman’ classes (basically introduction classes), so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet other freshmen.

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