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Are we not advanced enough to perceive alien life?

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Do you think the reason we can't find life on the moon, the sun, the 70 sextillion stars, and the decillions of moons and planets that revolve around them is because we are not advanced enough to be able to perceive alien life, just like bacteria is not advanced enough to percieve human life. Maybe all alien life is so advanced that us primitive humans who evolved from monkey's and have only been advancing for 100 years can't comprehend civilizations of the moon and Mars, and Venus that are billions of years old and more advanced than us. Maybe they project their world as lifeless on to our eyes so that we won't invade their planet. Maybe they are holographic images. Bacteria can't percieve human life, but human life exists. Maybe humans just can't perceive alein life even though it exists throughout the universe. Any comments or suggestions?