Cccan you get aids from swallowing cum

cccan you get aids from swallowing cum, giving head, being eaten out? or anything else besides sex?
help me please, I realy needa know thisss.

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Dude if the girl is willing to suck and swallow your cum then LET HER!!!
I mean it aint gonna hurt them, they wont get pregnant. DUH!! so boy go out there and let 3 or 4 girls suck you off!! It feels reallly good when you got one girl suckin your Checkidom and one or even 2 suckin on your balls!!!
If you got any more questions let me know and I will help you out.

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Uhm... besides sex? AIDS can get transferred many ways that aren't sex, it's usually transferred through blood. Yes, AIDS can get transferred from giving/receiving oral sex.

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yes . any body fluids beside saliva can couse aids. I would get tested asap if I were u theres plenty of local free clinics for that and the info is kept confidential and all.
pls get tested.

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Actually you can get HIV from kissing it's just rare. Gums bleed a lot. So the chances of blood being in saliva is great. And if that blood goes into your gums then there is a chance of getting HIV.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?

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