Do you agree or disagree with the following statement about success?

Success in any realm of life comes more often from taking chances or risks than from careful and cautious planning.

Answer #1

I think it depends on how you measure success or what you count it to be. It’s a bit too late for me so I’m not going to argue my on a point but on a general level, I agree.

Answer #2

i agree

Answer #3

I probably should have added and why :)

Answer #4

I agree, bcz no matter how often you plan things to the dot, something in life can happen at any given time out of the blue to change that & perhaps spoil ur perfect plans!

When you take a leap of faith, call it a risk or a chance, true it may back fire as well but at least u still hv a 50 -50 chance that it may be a huge success…what more can u ask for?!

Answer #5

I agree.

Answer #6

I have to agree, because those who take the time to wait for the right moment, like I tend to do, tend to lose out and be unsuccessful. Careful planning and execution with anything sometimes yes is successful but too often the people that do it take too long to do it and then like I said, like me lose out.

Answer #7

agreed…although sometimes u need a lil planning like a move…can be a risk a major one, but you still hv to plan where u are moving to or where u want your sh!t delivered to. :P

Answer #8

I agree with it. I think that if you’re too cautious, you often miss out on things that could have worked out if you had taken that chance. Fear is a terrible thing, but you can’t let fear of falling stop you (which is what I believe is the reason for being over cautious and planning every issue to the point before attempting).

Answer #9

i agree bcuz its true like the kind of things that happenn in life where u tell urself, if i had planned this it wouldnt hav workd… so i totaly agree

Answer #10

I agree, nothing comes out the way you plan, sometimes things take unespected turns and cahnges and you have to find a way to make the best of that and keep on going. Also cahnging is a good thing, helps you find better ways to go where you wanna go.

Answer #11


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