What age do you think is good to start a child's checking account?

This would be a account they have access to with limits to protect you and them from over drafting the account. My hopes would be that they could see how they can invest their money and make them smarter consumers in the future.

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I got a checking account when i was about 12 or so, and it did show me the importance of saving money and such.

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14-15. Before that I would suggest a savings.

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Savings account never too young, checking not until they are on their own and need access on a regular basis

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At the age of 12 because that's where most of the banks aim theirs at and they get to feel independent in a way and get to learn about how to look after money by themselves

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I didn't get a checking account till I was fifteen, because that's when I got my first job. Before that, I never had enough money to keep an account going :P

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My children will not have a checking account until they are 16, working, and making their own money. I just dont feel that its necasary to give a child younger than 16 a debit card or check book. A savings account is a completely different story, i feel 12 is appropriate.

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Well I am going to get my 13 year old son a checking account, for what he makes around the house and from others for mowing yards washing cars, etc. I then will show him how he can start investing, I don't want him wake up one day and realize he has nothing.

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i got mine at 15, it was when i got my first job and had a steady flow of income. although it wasn't much.

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My son is 5 and I just opened up a savings acct. for him...with the option to take $20 every 2 weeks so by the time he's 16 mabie he can buy a car!!

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I got mine when I was 10. I think it was a really good age to start!

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10 to 12 is the best age to start checking an account. That is the age where kids start learning the meaning of saving. We can, at the same time, teach them what will happen if they keep aside some of their pocket money and put it in their account every weekend. Also, they can start making their own plan when X-mas come. Lovely idea indeed. :-D

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When they are able to put money into it and are able to write checks. But seriously, my friend's daughter had one at age 18 and really made a pigs ear of it. The bank would up closing it and charging the mother for the overdrawn checks. It epends on the maturity and responsibility of the child.

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