Is the band "against me!" a white supremist band?

Is the band "Against me!" A white supremist band?
Cause I like their song White people for peace, but then again I dont want to be jammin out to a song by a group of people who are racist... does anyone know?

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no they're not. think about it logically, if they thought that white people were better than everyone else then they would support the war seeing as how its killing so many middle eastern people.

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These guys white supremists? Yeah right! Check them out on Kyte.Tv and see what kind of people they are.Heres the link:,uri=channels/35759/114570

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Pro-Hitler bands? You should look up 'Prussian Blue'


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oh god no!!
I just want to know if this band is one of those kind of bands.

I hate those new nazi punk bands, they make me utterly SICK.

To all whats your

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