After having a baby, do you find who your real friends are?

After having a baby do you find who your real friends are?

Answer #1

I knew who my real friends were before I had a baby. Some of my “real” friends don’t come around as much because they are just not kid friendly people. That isn’t a test of friendship, its a character trait.

Answer #2

I dont see why you’d need to have a baby for this, or how having a baby would show you? unless you’re talking about friends who will help you with the baby?

Answer #3

not really, I mean my sister had her baby about 8 months ao and we don’t hang out as much now just simply because I know she more tired and has less free time. I know she wants to relax when she can insead of going shopping with me or out at night. now she has responsibilities and I visit but things are different now…not bad…good… just different priorities…which they should be. if friends are good friends then they are just as important as sisters and I feel your friends would still come and visit baby or no baby. If they don’t come around as often its probably because they don’t know how to help you or just don’t want to be around kids. that sucks but some people are not kid people until they have their own. :( thats when they get a true understanding of everything.

Answer #4

yes having a baby will tell people who there true friends are I had my son at 16 and the people who I would party with I havent seen or talked to them for about 2yrs now..

Answer #5

yes it really does.

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