Aero, a&f, hollister, or american eagle?

Do you guys like aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch, hollister, or american eagle best? And do you think aeropostale is becoming too juvenille?

Answer #1

I like AE the best. I know for a fact the Aeropostale is turning the store toward a younger crowd than its currently marketing towards. I’ve never been a huge fan of Aero, but I’ve found some cute accessories there in the past. Hollister is wierd. I can try a medium on and it fits and then try on another medium and it doesnt.

Answer #2

I like all those stors, but at american eagle, a&f, and hollister sometimes I dont fit in them because im kinda skinny. I do think aero is turning juvenille, because its getting monkeys and other baby stuff for it.

Answer #3


  1. Hollister!! THEE BESSTTT

  2. Abecrombie&&Fitch

  3. American eagle

  4. Aeropostale

  5. CLAIRES lol for accesories… and hot topic…

IN ORDER thats the most popular stores for teens

Answer #4

I love hollister and american eagle.

most of my stuff is from american eagle, I only have a few things from hollister because its pretty expensive but what I do have from hollister is really cute. haha

Answer #5
  1. Hollister
  2. Ambercrombie
  3. American Eagle
  4. Aeropostale. && I honestly HATE that store!!

those are the stores I like in order!!

Answer #6

Uh no Aeropostale is not to juvenille

I like all those stores the best!! But to tell you the truth I’ve never been in abercrombie

Answer #7

AE rocks

Answer #8


Answer #9

I like American Eagle better than all of them. The only thing I buy at Aeropostale is bathing suits they usually have really cute ones.

Answer #10

I dont really like aeropostale, but I’ve bought a few hoodies frum the because they were cute. my favs holliter &american eagle

Answer #11

Ae, Aero copied on Hollister. Because Hollister was before all of them but I still shop there!!!

Answer #12

Hollister and abercrombie&fitch and American eagle, Claires deb’s

Answer #13

hollister!!! deff. they might seem expensive but their really not!! everything I own is from hollister!

Answer #14

American Eagle has cute clothes.

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