What do advisors do here on FA?

Answer #1

they are usually the ones who have had the most reliable answers to someones question..usually you can count on their answers to be the best and im speaking of that because i have been a user for a long time on here go with what they say my friend!

Answer #2

We assist the Admins with monitering the site, reporting abuse or suspicous users, flagging innapropriate behavior, moving questions to the status update board or mature sections, deleteing duplicates, etc.

Answer #3

yea and mandyloo here has given me advice shes the best!!!!!!

Answer #4

We are a group of people from all over the world that volunteer to clean up the questions and status update boards by removing duplicates, flagging inappropriate behavior, and generally keeping an eye on everything when the Admins are busy. We are on every day in our spare time and it’s good because we are all in different time zones… so wherever you are WE ARE WATCHING YOU. Hahaha

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