Advice on tattoo

I am getting this tattoo either way, its a modernized version of my family crest that my friend drew, I was ondering where might be best and pain doesn’t matter, across the upper back , center back, lower back, side of the rib cage, or side of the stomach/lower rib cage… lol any ideas? and what do you think of it?

Answer #1

Depends on the size. I’d say either the ribs, the back, or the upper arm would probably look the best.

Answer #2

haha I said im not worried about pain, my pain tolerance is high enough I dont notice when I get cut half the time…

Answer #3

don’t get it on your ribs it’ll kill!!! if you put it somewhere where it’s boney it will frickin hurt like hell. if you het it somewhere where theres’ more skin it will hurt a lot less.

Answer #4

NEVER GET IT ON your RIBS! but the best place would be in a less bonny more meaty place such as a tri or bicep, or your stomach or a thigh

Answer #5

I heard feet are the worst place to get them because of pain, but they look the best because you can cover them up if you want to.

Answer #6

Lower back, I think.

Answer #7

that would be the URL for it

Answer #8

Center back.

Answer #9

upper back that would look HOTT!!!

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