Advice on a first job interview?

I have an interview at JD sport shop tomorow. I have never been to one before and affraid that I will screw it up. What sort of questions will I get asked? And what possible answers could I give? Please help I really want this job

Answer #2

ok, firstly, don’t be shy. appear confident, not cocky…I know you don’t feel confident, but blag it!

smile, shake hands when you meet, maintain a normal level of eye contact. appear ambitous, but not world dominating ambitous lol!

learn something about the company. know why you want to work there, THEY WILL ASK YOU WHY YOU DO! don’t just say the money, say you heard that ??? offers great oppertunitys for younger workers, and from what you understand they have good customer service and offer a wide range of prodcutsm, and you’re keen to be assosiated with such a dynamic and growing company…

they want to HEAR that your ambitious, if your ambitous, you will work hard. emphasise you are reliable and puntunctual, your verstatile and your good working within teams and yet still self-motivated when you work independently..

you’ll be fine, remember relax, point out that although this is your first job, it doesn’t refelct on your ability…and you will be a great assett to the team :) dress smart but not power dress, smart trousers, shoes and a blouse of shirt…

you’ll be fine…

Answer #3

Prayer would be your best advice… just believe in yourself and don’t be nervous, just look into the eyes of the interviewer and focus all to his/her question and answer them with all your confidence…good luck!:)

Answer #5

Since your question is pretty broad, I can help you find the source to the answer instead of giving it directly. I usually retain more from youtube videos. Go to youtube and type job interview in the search engine. I found that very helpful.

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