The most horrible and scariest movie?

I have a bet with my girlfriend (500 bucks)and I dare her to see the horror movie in the basement of my house alone(even I wll be not present wid her), this Saturday. I am thinking of various movies but really not sure , well, I am thinkin of these three movies Carrie Evil dead children of the night

do tell me if there is any other movie more scary…please do reply, thnx

Answer #1

go with something asian…american horror movies dont come close…of course if you can find Cannibal Holocaust, definitely go for that…I didnt sleep for 4 straight days. it would have been longer, but I passed out from exhaustion. lol

Answer #2

Well it depends, Personally, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Amityville Horror are by far the scariest movies I’ve ever seen in my life, lol but my friends thing they’re stupid and not scary >_<

If she’s easily grossed out and scared by gory things then go for one of the saw movies.

Answer #3

I agree with mysterywolf – anyone who suggests anything American in this topic isn’t really familiar with horror movies. Go for something Japanese or Korean. They work on a much deeper, more terrifying level than the Hollywood movies, who mainly just try for little shocks and gross-out horror.

The Audition was one of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen. The bag scene still gives me nightmares.

Oldboy from Korea isn’t exactly horror, but it’s deeply terrifying all the same with some of the most shocking action sequences you’ll find in modern cinema.

Answer #4

Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood…(not for the weak , absolutely gruesome)

Answer #5

The Exorcist! or the Shining I find Carrie was creepy too but it will not scare the beejeezus out of her.

Answer #6

Omfg silent hills is the most bloody, freaking holy mother fucking scary movie on this planet don’t watch it you will be too scared, don’t make her watch it alone, I did and there were no good effects, now I can’t stay asleep if my boyfriend isn’t in bed with me.

Answer #7

Event Horizon is the scarriest movie I have ever seen in my life by far. Use that one for sure.

Answer #8

try The Strangers, that was messed up

Answer #9

I agree with The Eye

It’s definatley going to freak her out

Answer #10

the begotten…its the most messed up film EVER…

Answer #11

Wolf Creek.

Answer #12

anybody know about such scary movies.real horrer???

Answer #13

The Flower of Flesh and Blood, a Japanese film from the ‘80s that depicts torture, dismemberment, and murder so realistically, the FBI once investigated the filmmakers to make sure it wasn’t real. Hostel and Saw don’t come remotely close. (Personally, I find Saw so over the top, it’s almost like watching a really gory Wile E Coyote cartoon with a bunch of Acme traps.)

Cannibal Holocaust, whose filmmakers actually had to produce some of the actors in court to prove that they hadn’t really killed them to make the film.

I saw all the American movies mentioned on this board, and while they were gross, the effect didn’t last. Cannibal Holocaust gave me nightmares for years.

If your friend can make it through either of these movies without turning it off or turning away from then screen once, I’ll personally match your 500-dollar bet.

Answer #14

chainsaw massacre or hostile 2

Answer #15

I think the grudge is the best to scared her… she would come out of the basement!!!lolxx

Answer #16

try making her watch “unborn” or “mirrors” okay no need for thanks they will scar the pants of her

Answer #17

Those aren’t scary! Go for the old ones or the japanese/korean ones.

Amityville Horror The Exorcist The Shining The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Asian ones: Ringu Audition The Eye Ju-On Tale of Two Sisters

Your best bet are the Asian ones… because they’re so unfamiliar to Western standards they will scare the bejeezus out of you! Just make sure your girlfriend watches it when she’s down there alone… lol she could just put on a Scrubs DVD :P

Answer #18

A foreign movie called “High Tension”.

Gave me nightmares for months, it’s not like the spoonfed American horror movies that aren’t really that scary.

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