How do you become an advisor?

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There are two choices:
1) Apply to become one -
Once you have been here for a while and have given a lot of advice you can apply to become an advisor. Before you do that, make sure you know the site well and know the terms of use policy. Once you have that all figured out, send a FunMail to "editor" or "thedude" telling them you would like to become an advisor. In that FunMail, include some of your best pieces of advice. They will look over everything of yours and consider you over time. Don't except a reply right away because they will really need to look into your past, your advice, etc.

2) Get promoted-
If someone notices you giving really good and helpful advice you could even get promoted to become an advisor. When you answer questions be detailed and helpful in your answer. Always be nice even when its hard to, and always be sure to follow the rules.

Good luck. :)

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u need to contact thedude or editor I think and send them some of the advice you have given others and than they decide if you become one =]

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Give good advice, waite for them to see your good advice and make you an adviser or just apply for one...

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