Any advice on a book?

Any advice on a book??

Answer #1

the classics Crime and Punishment The Fountainhead Moby Dick The Scarlet Letter Hamlet Flowers for Algernon The Awakening The Counte of Monte Cristo The Master and Margarita Sense and Sensibility The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1984 The Great Gatsby Jane Eyre Uncle Tom’s Cabin Lord of the Flies Robinson Crusoe The Bell Jar

or you can check out this site

it has some great books

Answer #2

It depends on how old you are.

if you are in your teens I would suggest The Clique series by lisi harrison.

Any jodi Picoult Books.

Twilight Series, Stephanie Meyers

Gone With the Wind

Angels Watching Over me

Any James Patterson Books

hope I helped!!!

Answer #3

I liked the book.

My Side Of The Story.

the Harry Potter books.

Slam is alright.

and my fav. is the True Colors Series. The author can relate to almost anything you are going through =)

Answer #4

Elsewhere is amazing. seems long but its an amazing book :]

Answer #5

if you like scary romantic love stories “bag of bones” by stephen king is great I have read it 6 times!!!

Answer #6

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

or anything by Stephan King.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Killing Floor Die Trying Sphere Air Frame Holes Rising Sun One Shot

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