Is advanced technology changing the world for the better or worse?

Answer #1

better <3 without google & funadvice, we’d are be screwed & bored :D Also a lot of new things are now possible, im sure no one wants to live like they use to back in the 1900’s.

Answer #2

For both, there’s some better aspects about it but they’re evenly matched by their negative counterparts.

Answer #3

OK, try to think of a world without cell phones, Internet, etc… and then ask that question again !! Much better, I think.

Answer #4

It can be for better - Mean with the new technology we wouldnt have been able to chat instantly to people or relatives living in far off countries but also It can be for worse, Children are glued to the tv and becoming obese and fat doing no more sport cause moving imaged on a screen is far off better - Yea sure Id like to be able to walk to the bathroom when im old not roll down the hallway…

Technology can also be addictive like facebook which does not exactly improve childrens school grades those who refuse to use it have higher grades than others… This is really a debatable topic Id say

Answer #5

both bd worse but depends how you look at it…

Answer #6

Better and worse, things are easier with technology, it has helped us in terms of medicine so we have longer life spans etc. However it makes people lazy, children don’t have to think for themselves anymore and they get fat easier when sitting in front of the computer all day. Everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages.

Answer #7

It’s better and worse….it’s better becuase we have access to information alot quicker. but its worse because people become so attached to being on the computer all day…also because personal conversations are done more on line and dont make them as special or realistic as they should be…and people probably dont get as much as they use too…

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