Adobe Flash Player

On my other computer, I’ve attempted to download the latest version on numerous occasions, each with the same result of nothing, after saying it has installed successfully. I go to, for example, youtube, and it says I don’t have it. I’ve tried to restart my computer after it with no effect. I’ve also checked that Javascript is turned on.

Any idea what’s gone wrong or how I could fix it?

Answer #1

uninstalled the adobe flash player from the add and remove programs.

again reinstalled the adobe flash player .

set the browser as default .

restart the computer and again try to download the latest version of adobe flash player.

Answer #2

add Adobe Air. Make sure you have Adobe Flashplayer ActiveX and Adobe Flash Plug in.

Make sure you are installing the latest versions. Make sure you do any de - installation that it is through Start - Control Panel - Add and Remove - …

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