Does anyone admire classic art work?

I like monet the french painter.

Answer #1

Yes! I spent my childhood in Chicago, where the Art Institute has a wonderful permanent collection of Monet and other impressionists. I tend to favor post-impressionists, notably Matisse and Chagall. I also like a lot of folk art, especially from the U.S. southwest where I grew up, and classical art influenced by folk traditions (like Chagall).

Answer #2

Personally, I have always found Monet’s artwork to be rather boring. I always admired Artemisia Gentileschi and Hieronymus Bosch.

Answer #3

I like the way he blends the colors. And his bridge scenes. Thankyou Countess Bathory.

Answer #4

I remember studying him :) I think the one that stands out most for me, is the painting he did of his wife on his deathbed. I guess I’m just not too into scenery painting which he did lots of. I love Bosch because his artwork was definitely different for the time. :)

Answer #5

I do :)

Answer #6

Whats your favorite art work? You like the country maybe a pond with a field and wooded area with deers drinking water?

Answer #7

I’m not entirely sure how classic one would consider Vivaldi to be, but his work is my favorite.

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