What is better when using admin mode in Linux?

…sudo every time you have a admin command you want to or just us sudo su and then type any command you want to use? I use Ubuntu servers myself and I just tired of typing sudo in front of every command I run when doing be changes and have used sudo su. I am a windows engineer and was told by a linux engineer this is the way a windows guy would handle this, what do you think.

Answer #1

It is safest to do everything you can as an ordinary user and only become root for the specific commands that need it. In the old days we used “su -c [command]” a lot but the sudo command is a better approach.

A nice thing about sudo where there is more than one administrator is it can be configured to log everything. If someone mangles a config file that craters a server next reboot you can go back through the logs to see who is responsible. We have situations where we manage a linux server our customer also needs root authority for. In our case making them use sudo is CYA for us so we won’t be blamed for problems they cause.

You should use sudo for everything but as you are noticing it gets to be a bloody nuisance when you have a lot of things to do. I generally use sudo for a handful of commands but if I have a lot of stuff to do I’ll just become root.

Answer #2

Ok well I mostly do this on servers I own, I do not admin alot of linux servers, as I said I am a windows guy. I have just found like today I had a lot of freaken commands to issue the server, and it was just easier to do this as root using sudo su.

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