Answer #1

I believe they can, but i’m not sure. :/

Answer #2

What do you mean by go on? There are things that are always private. Admins can not view your funmails for example.

Answer #3

but like, can they see the info?

Answer #4

What kind of information? They can see things like your age, location, email, etc…that you entered when you signed up. I don’t believe they can actually log onto your account, if that is what you are asking…

Answer #5

ok this is kelsi now. My cousin Diana, forgot her email, so she wants to know if they could get her email…

Answer #6

Was your cousin using your account? If so - please be advised that sharing an account can result in your account being disabled. Tell your cousin to use this form with the email she is currently using to send us her FunAdvice user name.

Answer #8

Noo dianas just like right next to me lol. telling me what to say. then she went to goto the shower =p

Answer #9

Actually they can view funmails, they dont usually unless they have a cause to do so (they do have other things to do than spy on people)

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