How can I stop being addicted to makeup?

Im sic of covering up my skin and eyes so i can look a way tht gets me attention from guys and i just want to be confterble without makeup but im not. and wen i go to scool with less, people notice. im wana look more natural then dramatic but i just like the compliments. how can i stop wearing so much. iv attepted to stop a thousand times at the least but its completly addicitng. so how can i do that?

Answer #1

Slowly start going natural. Try using a tinted moisturizer with some blush or bronzer to highlight your natural tones. I totally know the feeling, I am a bartender so at night I tack on the makeup and get so many compliments about how gorgeous I am, but in the daytime nobody recognizes me.

Answer #2

don’t use it ALL THE TIME. you can still use it, but like if you dont go anywhere dont put it on.

Answer #3

i suggest you to put make up just not that much try just to put the eye-liner and gloss with some blusher over the cheeks to look natural.try to avoid all the over make-up cuz when ur natural u look more attractive than being plastic

Answer #4

Try to slow down till tour at a natural pace it isn’t bad as long as you don’t pile it on.

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