are you addicted to your phone/ other electronics?

are you addicted to your phone/ other electronics??

Answer #1

computer and cell phone

Answer #2

Phone. No questions asked. I txt so much that my boyfriend takes my phone when were at least watching a movie because I just txt the whole time… I dont remember what it’s like to actually talk on a phone lol

Answer #3

omg YES!!! my phon is like the main way I commuicate with people. I hate talking on the phone. im ALWAYS texting. no matter what im doing im always texting someone. and its usually always my boyfriend and another friend or a couple of other friends.

Answer #4

Hell yeah.

I dont like ANYONE see my phone & I mean NOONE.

Its MINE :)

Answer #5

I’m addicted to my phone and my laptop because I’m always talking to my mates on msn and texting my friends, so yeah, I don’t know what I’d do without my electronics! they’re great

Answer #6

Yes it is an addictive object like the computer because you always have to check your emails etc. like a phone, you have to always check your texts and you always have o have your phone with you – just incase someone phones you.

im a computer and phone addict.

so the answer is yes.


Answer #7

addicted to my computer muchly.

Answer #8

well, I’m amish, so… wait a minute… whats a computer?

Answer #9

I’m addicted to my computer…can’t stay of the internet.

Answer #10

Yeah, I’m addicted to my laptop and I’m also on my cell phone talking. I don’t do any of the text messaging since I can’t do that on my phone because of my visual impairment. I’m mostly talking on it. I’m more addicted to my laptop and the internet. I can’t seem to turn off the laptop when it needs rest. I turn it off before I go to bed. I wouldn’t know what to do without my laptop or my cell phone. I definitely wouldn’t know what to do without the internet. I access this site through my laptop and I’m typing this out on my laptop since I don’t own a desktop. I don’t own a desktop since a desktop takes up space and pluss, I wouldn’t be able to use a desktop in college so that’s why I have a laptop computer. I love both my phone and the laptop computer. So, yeah, I’m definitely addicted.

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