David Archuletta, is he gay?

is he queer or just nice?

Answer #1

I thought about this from the 1st time they talked about him, but I think he’s just a push-over nice guy. he may eventually become gay, you never know, lol…

Answer #2

I just saw him on extra tonight and he did look kind of gay, but you can’t judge someone based on how they look.

Answer #3

I was thinking the same thing last night when I was watching American Idol, but I think that he might just be a nice guy.

Answer #4

He isnt gay, he is just very nice.

Answer #5

A human being with good points and bad points like all of us.

Answer #6

ok you didnt answer me haha.. im not against gay people.. I was just wondering?

Answer #7

he has a girlfriend.

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