Is it possible to add text to the middle of your videos using windows movie maker?

Answer #1

yeah, there should be a bunch of options like “add title in beginning” or “Add text with Video” and all that.

its the second colum down that says “edit” in a faded black, it should say “Titles and Credits” click that and then choose your text :D

Answer #2

Just as Drew has said but i would click on the video clip then click add titles and credits then after clip. This is so that you can customise the background and the text colour to what you would like it to be (:

Answer #3

thanks for that but i meant was like add text like actually onto the video, not after the clip… or are there any other free video editing softwares i could get?

Answer #4

actually, ignore that i just worked it out lol thanks :))

Answer #5

haha dw it was only an example i was using anways

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