how do I get vodka off my breath?

how do I get vodka off my breath??__mother of two!!

Answer #1

haha mikeh! I know right

Answer #2

When I drink beer and dont want it to smell so much, I eat bread then have a mint. Any mint. Seems to work ok. Not perfect but it reduces the smell a fair bit.

Mother of two and born in 1990? Wow you must have a lot on your hands!!!

Also if you’re a mother of two, your best bet would be not to drink if you have to do things (like spend time with your kids)

Answer #3

I can’t wait for those two to grow up enough to start breaking into my apartment.

Answer #4

don’t drink when you have responsibility is usually the best way…

Answer #5

Hmm mouth wash,mints,those listerine thingiees lol

Answer #6

I heard you could suck on a penny…no telling where it’s been but it takes the smell away…

Answer #7

hahahah suck on a pennt ? wtf?! hey when you find out a way to get vodka off the breath let meknow, my roomie will kick me out if he finds out I been drinking since noon!!!

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