I need something to help me w/ my white heads but nothing seems to work help!

Answer #1

hi…also, my skin dries out relly easily and Neutrogena products do not work for me. I’v also used clearasel ultra,& biore and I thought they were supposed to be good products but they do not work. but if you use something and it works well foe you, tell me!

Answer #2

put tooth PASTE (not gel) on it before you sleep, then in the morning wash it off, that will help dry it out and make it go away.

Answer #3

I use Sea Breeze every day, and you rarely see a pimple on my face. It contains 1% Salicylic Acid, which will treat and prevent breakouts. A word of caution, though- not every skin type is the same! Sea Breeze is pretty harsh on some people’s faces. I’d suggest starting off with Sea Breeze for sensitive skin. I hope I helped =)

Answer #4

well…honestly…what you need to do is a get a really good scrub facial wash…that helps lift off the dead skin cels and makes sure your skin doesn’t clog…I also recommend getting a foaming type of face wash that does’nt contain oil…

use the scrub in the morning and the foaming stuff at night or during the day…

combine this with a really good skin toner and astringent and there you go…it should hlep clear your skin up…

of all the brands I’d say use either Garnier, Neutrogena or Olay…those all have really awesome products…

Answer #5 ill tell you about it if you email!! please do!!

Answer #6

I use beauticontrol. I have not one sighn of acnee!! e-mail me for data!!

Answer #7

Try the ‘Neutrogena Wave’, I heard it works pretty good.

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