Acne & dark spots


Am 25 years old still facing a probs of acne & dark spots. Could pls suggest me home remedies for the same.

Answer #1

Queen helene masks such as Mint Julep and Clay do WONDRES! the Mint Julep one is advertised in allt he major magazines. they sell them in drug stores now like duane rede. very very good… the egg yolk one is good too, in addition to the grape seed peel mask also. I would start by using the mint julep one twice a week

Answer #2

use a type of soap that helps clean then get in the shower with the water on hot and sit in she shower not under the water and let the steem open the spots on you face and the soap will enter the acne it takes a bit but I did that it works

good luck: sadgirl443 :)

Answer #3

Go see a dermatoligist

Answer #4

for acne, try putting a dab of tea tree oil on the spots and sleeping with it on overnight. tea tree oil kills the bacteria.

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