What other "accidentally" ways can you get pregnant without having intercourse?

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Accidental? Ummm....

I don't know of any. Maybe if you were fooling around and maybe sperm got in your va.gina in some way. But that would be rare.

Or if you accidentally filled a syringe with sperm and inject it? Surely that qualifies as accidental.

I do find this question highly amusing...

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Fing.ering yourself if you have your partners sperm on your fing.ers...You partner fing.ering you with his sperm on his fing.ers....That's about the only two ways I can think of to get "accidentally" pregnant...

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I suppose if you had panties on, and you and your partner were fooling around and he came on your panties near your v@gina...then you could get get pregnant.

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Or, some weirdo could dr.ug you and then insert his sperm into your v@gina with a dropper or something... lol

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That's true. lol. but sperm doesn't really travel through clothes. I mean the chances of that happening is probably very close to zero.

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Yea, but it's still possible...I think. :P

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agreed...noth accidental about that!

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It'd die on cloth pretty quickly, and I don't see why she'd keep her underwear on if it's got that on it.

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when a man ejaculates inside the woman, the sperm needs to go up until the uterus, which is done by the contractions that women get. Imagine all the women that try so hard to get pregnant and can't because the sperm is not able to reach the uterus (or the contraction of the women that pull it up are weak). Now imagine that the men comes near your vagina. Of course that anything can happen but even if the woman has the contractions to pull it up, the sperm is completely unable to travel up, remember your vagina is not like a vacuum cleaner. It needs all the perfect settings for the sperm to go up.

Now, more importantly, even though you can't get pregnant, fulling around is more than enough for you to get any STD's. so please, next time be careful, not because you will get pregnant, but because you can make a bigger mistake that you can not go back.

Hope it helped

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a great deal, thanks!

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