Above kiss

I wanna go more than just make out with my boyfriend
like... I dont wanna go 2 far as in sex stuff
but I wanna go farther than just making out

dont give me a lecture or anything
I just wanna no how I do something, without it being awkward

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try taking eachothers shirts off, run your fingers through his hair, touch eachother (not sexually, but like back, stomache) and also try kissing neck/chest

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well I guess you could take off his shirt. but dont go near his d*ck. he may think you want to do it lol

Where Should I Touch My boyfriend While We Kiss
ANSWER #3 of 5

Take off your shirts or something. Rub your hand down his back and stomach.

Boyfriend/girlfriend touching,rubbing,kissing, ect.
ANSWER #4 of 5

put your hand down his shirt while your making out

how do i arouse my boyfriend?
ANSWER #5 of 5

okay um if this is a girl asking have him touch your boobs

I gave him a blow job and we both liked it!!!

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