Does being fingered take your virginity?

If a guy fingers a girl, does it mean that she has lost her virginity?

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No, not at all.

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Virginity is a spiritual attribute not a physical one.

You may tear and stretch your hymen through mutual masturbation(fingering) but that doesn't make you loose your virginity. (in western culture at least.) Western culture believes that you loose your virginity when you participate in penile-vaginal penetration.

There are some cultures however that believe in a far more conservative approach to virginity. In some cultures, a woman being naked with a man for the first time makes her no longer a virgin. Different cultures have varying degrees of virginity.

If you're a virgin can you finger yourself?
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No.You can only lose your virginity by having sexual intercourse.

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no but if he does it can buss ur u no the word so don't let him it'll lead to somthing else

If you get fingered, do you lose your virginity?
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nah onli wen a p.e.n.i.s has entered it m8! :D

is being fingered considered losing your virginity?
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A girl is no longer a virgin when a penis has penetrated her vagina.

Are you still a virgin if you've been fingered?
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no not true

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