Are there any cheap fat camps in Penn?

Answer #1

belindaleigh , I have to say you’re completely wrong. I don’t know or CARE how it works in australia, but in america fat camps aren’t just for morbidly obese people, they are for ANYONE who wants to lose ANY amount of weight. going to fat camp doesn’t mean you’re a loser, you idiot, it means you want to be fitter, and healthier. even on mtv they did a documentary about teen fat camps called “return to fat camp” and 1/2 of those kids weren’t obese. they were fine, they just wanted to lose a few extra pounds. fat camp is ALL about losing weight, not housing hundreds of obese people.

What if you filled the last vacant spot and someone died from obesity, just because your slightly unhappy about your body? That would be pretty unfair, am I right?

yeah, uh NO you’re not right. if someone was on the verge of dying from obesity, they wouldn’t be ALLOWED at a fat camp, because they would need intense medical attention. like I said, fat camp is all about losing weight.

Answer #2

Fat camps are for MORBIDLY OBESE people. Not people like you, your a little chubby, yes but not MORBIDLY OBESE. Are you so fat you cant move out the door? Are you so fat you cant run without having a stoke? Are you so fat you have rolls on your legs?

Just eat healthy, and excersize.

Answer #3

well. there are HEALTH camps which help you lose weight if you want it (they can help you set up a meal plan) or just pick up some good nutrition habits and give you fun activities to do during the day for exercise. anyone of any size can go there.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t be so quick to retort to belindaleigh… she’s rather knowledgeable with many things. And, she happens to be right - Fat Camps are for Morbidly Obese people, thats who they’re aimed at (and also why they cost so much money). However you are also right that chubby people are going to fat camp nowadays too - but they shouldn’t be.

Answer #5

I do have a clue, otherwise I wouldn’t have andswered it. You ARENT fat enough to go to a FAT camp, sure. Go and gain a few stone then maybe you’re family will let you go.

Going to a fat camp shows that you’re a loser, that you cant loose the extra (not that you have any, you look perfectly healthy) weight yourself.

Just eat right and exercise, and you wont have to waste thousands of dollars going to something that you don’t need. What if you filled the last vacant spot and someone died from obesity, just because your slightly unhappy about your body?

That would be pretty unfair, am I right?

Answer #6

Why so rude? If asking for advice, why not say “Thanks, But I think that is incorrect” and then fire back.

Saying things like “shut your mouths” just makes you sound mean, and lurkers won’t want to answer your question and help you, as they rather not be flamed.

Actually, in Australia (im not sure about the othe side of the globe) a few weeks ago was National Manners Week.

And, please. Dont call me little girl. Age is just a number, darlin.

Answer #7

For one… I’m asking a question I am not asking your opinion if I’m not fat enough or if I am… so please keep your comments to yourself thanks hun!!

Answer #8

I dont think your fat… or chubby

Answer #9

Well little do you know little girl, chubby people are going to fat camp now. know your facts before you write thank you!!!

Answer #10

well just sayin dont give advice you dont know… dont anwser a question you have no clue to…thats just plain stupid

Answer #11

well obvisiouly you both are from different countries so you both dont know how america works so shut your mouths

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