Abortion and the Death penalty

why does it seem that most christians who are republicans are for the death penalty but against abortion? I just find it so ironic. I know that people who are sentenced to death have done something horrible but don’t you guys believe “god created us all so we all deserve to live” or something like that? I really don’t see a difference in abortion and the death penalty. People are dying on either ends.

Answer #1

Probably because unborn fetuses have never murdered anybody. Just a guess.

Answer #2

“So if the death penalty would to be uninstalled then we would have a lot bigger prisons because I might give that person another chance but would not want them out on the streets”

The US executes practically nobody anymore. The number of people that have been killed in the US in recent years is insignificant compared to their prison population.

“Now there are people that are trying to say that because it’s a ‘fetus’ that it’s not a human being and it’s not murder to kill it. Even if it wasn’t abortion is the killing of a possibility.”

By that reasoning, every time I neglect to have sex when I could’ve, or use some form of contraception, I’m guilty of murder - it’s the “killing of a possibility” by your standards.

“do I believe its are decision to judge whether they should live or die no because god says dont judge but if you think about it wud you risk havin some one like that walk the earth killing and hurting hundreds more?

False dichotomy. The only options are not freedom or death - you can imprison or even rehabilitate them.

“I don’t know allot of them have mental illnesses”

So you support killing mentally ill people who commit crimes? Do you believe that someone should be held responsible for their actions if they’re unable to make clear decisions?

Answer #3

I am totally apposed to abortion and have a questionable stance against the death penalty … by the worlds moral standards the person who killed someone deserves to die. By Gods standards everyone deserves us to give them another chance no matter how many others they’ve had. So if the death penalty would to be uninstalled then we would have a lot bigger prisons because I might give that person another chance but would not want them out on the streets. … Abortion is wrong by both standards - world and God - as of a few years ago. Now there are people that are trying to say that because it’s a ‘fetus’ that it’s not a human being and it’s not murder to kill it. Even if it wasn’t abortion is the killing of a possibility. My mother had me when she was 16 and is glad she did … She admits that abortion crossed her mind but we’re both glad she didn’t. How different her life would have been? Yes anyone who has a child that young is going to have troubles and no even in other troubles babies don’t come at the ‘IDEAL’ times but that is no reason to commit murder … People have just sugar coated it for so long to make the few people who got them feel better now there are all these people thinking it’s okay when sadly it’s not

Answer #4

ok . I’m against abortion because when you have sex and you end up pregent that’s your choice and if you couldn’t have a way to take care of a baby give it to someone who can’t have kids . and yes , I think that death penalty is wrong ,but I also understand why they put people on death penalty . it’s because that they don’t want anyone else to get hurt or even murdered. and it doesn’t make sense in one way but it does in another.

Answer #5

a baby doesnt have a choice or a chance

people who are sentenced to death yes have done something rong but god lets you choose what your do with your life and if you choose to kill other people

yes god did create us all so that we wud have ever lasting life,,BUT,,thats only if we choose to fallow him and not are own path god also said I will deny you in heaven as you have denied me as your father on earth,, which the murderers and rapist have done,,,

do I believe its are decision to judge whether they should live or die no because god says dont judge but if you think about it wud you risk havin some one like that walk the earth killing and hurting hundreds more? I don’t know allot of them have mental illnesses

Answer #6

I don’t believe in the death penalty or abortion. I think that both are WRONG. It is not our choice who comes and who goes. If somebody kills someone else–than god can strike them down himself, but thats not our decision. I am christian and republican…democrate–I roll both ways and I dont believe in eaither.

Answer #7

I believe in the death penelty but not abortion. people on death row, most of them killed someone in cold blood and rage. bull. they deserve the same. abortion is killing a child that has done nothing. thats even bigger bull. you dont want a kid dont have sex!!! common sence. plus there is adoption.

Answer #8

I kind of had a difficult understanding w/ that too. but the way I think of it is that. if you steal a shirt from american eagle or something. you’ll get punished. its the same w/ the death penalty if someone kills someone they should be punished and more then likely will be. thats when the death penalty comes in… I hope that makes sense lol

Answer #9

I still don’t get it. no matter what, they are STILL HUMAN. Both of them.
In abortion, you aren’t really hurting anything, that baby can’t feel a thing, and the person being put to death…well, they can’t feel anything as they dye.. but emotionally… they are HUMAN. What if they’re really messed up.. mentally or something… what, then?

Answer #10

Lol, because they’re hypocrites. They believe God created life and only God should be able to take it away, but it is selective… when it comes to criminals, then well they should be able to decide, after all God would want them to…

Answer #11

I agree with flossheal that this falls more into us politics just as I believe that our current president has skewed the public’s opinion regarding christian beliefs, bringing right-wing, moral majority christians to the forefront of political views. not all christians, republican, democrat or independent, believe the same and NOT ALL behave or believe the way our president portrays them. and I am thankful for that.

Answer #12

The Death penality is to punish evil people. Abortion is to kill your baby. I don’t know about you but I think that if my wife wanted to kill my daughter, I think that would be evil, but if somebody wanted to kill Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden I think that it would be okay, because they are evil and deserve to be killed. I don’t think Jesus Christ would consider abortion as evil. Having sex for any purpose other than procreation is evil, because it is against what God intended!

Answer #13

Just to point out, its “republican” christians that you are talking about and they are just plain stupid (example. Bush). Also most christians shun “republican” christians

Answer #14

To anyone who believes the death penalty is justified, I have this to say:

There ARE cases where an innocent man or woman is found guilty. Are you prepared to condone an act that could result in the murder of innocent people? Are you prepared to have the blood of innocent people on your hands because someone made a mistake and an innocent person was found guilty?

Yes, it DOES happen.

Answer #15

If I understand correctly, it’s a question of innocence. To these people, a fetus is an “innocent baby.” A killer on death row is a “sinner” who is being punished by Old Testament standards.

Answer #16

it says in the bible (I forgot where) that whoever kills someone need to be sentenced to death. thats whyy. I read it the other day. hope this helps

Answer #17

I’ve always wondered the same. Another thing that baffles me is that oftentimes, they disagree with welfare or government benefits as well.

It’s kind of like “You should be born but then you’re on your own. We won’t help you and if you make a mistake we’ll kill you too”. Don’t really get it myself.

Answer #18

To everyone here, I would prefer if you would not classify all republican christians as that (or even most). Maybe it is most from what you heard but there are a lot of people that you have never talked too and it is rude to call them stupid, hypacrits, racists, or anything else of the sort. And even though I am not christian, I am republican and it hurts to be called that. I have been called racist by people who have no clue what they are talking about and saying “You are racist” is the easiest thing to say. And that is because no can ever prove they are not racist so it is easy to call them that.
But overall, I’m just telling you to be a bit more sensative to peoples feelings, Thanks.

Answer #19

everyone likes to believe they are against the death penalty-UNTIL they are faced with that life or death situation, in which you kill or be killed. after that ,peoples perceptions change. I believe that if someone takes a life- their life should be forfeit. and yes I am a republican (not a christian). “MY STATE IS PUTTING IN AN EXPRESS LANE” (in reference to the death penalty) RON WHITE the blue collar comedy tour.

Answer #20

you guys should really learn to spell. no matter what anyone says, it still makes absolutely no sense to me why abortion and death penalty are any different.
innocent people are sentenced to death all the time… only they are killed before they are found to be innocent. how is that just? Also, I don’t see whats wrong with abortion because it’s just a fetus… it hasn’t got feelings… and no, god didn’t create it, it was created by a sperm cell ejecting itself into an egg. it really is as simple as that, there is no miracle involved.

Answer #21

We need to remember that every time there is a vigil outside a prison over the death penalty, there are loads on nuns involved. Those same protesters may be involved in vigils outside abortion clinics too, so there are no ‘double-standards’ to their respect for life.

Again (as I said in another comment on another question) it’s more about US politics than about global Christian belief, as far as I can see. (I’m a European Christian.)

All the Biblical references to death punishments are in the Old Testament. From my point of view, we are living in New Testament times and those laws are no longer relevant, following Jesus’ death for us. One innocent suffered the death penalty so that the rest of us would not have to, either in this life or eternally.

Answer #22

…because they derive both positions from the Bible. It’s as simple as that. No common sense consistency is required.

Answer #23

sure. I will find the verse and give it to you if you want?

Answer #24

hypocrisy runs rampant sometimes. I am pro-choice and against the death penalty.

Answer #25

I have more difficult understanding how anyone christian can believe in the death penalty, than their issue with abortion. Either you believe the bible’s “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, or you follow the vengeful Old Testament god, in which case, why do you not promote the death penalty for adultery, bestiality, theft (in some cases) and many other things?

Answer #26

There is a big difference. The baby in the womb is supposed to be in the safest place on earth, and it is completely innocent. To be torn apart, is the height of cruelty, and completely barbaric, and most times, it is for convenience sake.

To try a criminal, and find him guilty, and prove it, to the point, that a 12 man jury is convinced, and then, to sentance that person to death, has nothing to do with killing an innocent baby.

God placed our legal authority over us, and gave us rules to live by. He gives the right under these conditions, and the authority to inforce the death penalty. This is one of those things that will be argued in the church, with probably 1/2 believing one way, and the other 1/2 the other way. I do not know the exact numbers, just guessing on it.

I believe that this is a strong deterrant toward crime, and will make criminals think twice, before committing a crime.

I believe the persons soul is the most important thing, and that they have a chance to repent, before they die, if they choose to.

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