how long do you have to get an abortion?

how long do you have to get an abortion??

Answer #1

im not planning on having an abortion ONLY if I NEED to. I understand what you people are saying and I think its true but sometimes there is a really good reason for getting one done. I was just wondering…

Answer #2

I think that the only reason someone should have the right to get an abortion is if that person was raped.

Answer #3

The answer may vary by state, but I think that it is allowed by US law only for the first 3 months. Planned Parenthood will be your best source of info. And for alternatives.

If anyone becomes sexually active, please protect your self. Use condoms or birth control.

And if you forget, or the condom breaks or slips off, RIGHT AWAY get the morning after pill - called Plan B. It can be bought by anyone (guy or girl) 18 or older. And it will reduce the chances of pregnancy by 70-85% if taken up to 3 days after the encounter. (A condom is about 90-95% and the pill is 99.7%)

Take care of yourself, and Good Luck!!

Answer #4

I don’t t think there’s ever a reason at all. you can always give it up for adoption rather than aborting. it may not be your fault, rape or something, but still. I think the least you can do is deal with it for 9 months and you’ll never have to see it again or give it to someone who wants one that’s close to you and you can live with your baby without being the mother. either way, I think it always deserves a chance to live.

Answer #5

Dont do abortion! It’s just plain wrong. You are MURDERING an innocent infant, that didn’t even have a chance to live! How would you like it if your mom killed you? I would think the child would go to heaven, but when you died, (and if you made it to heaven) your kid would be all WTF U %#*%^#.haha. No seriously, dont do it. if you do, you’re a jerk. only a jerk would do that. are you a jerk?

Answer #6

Abortion is wrong do not do it

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