Abercrombie kids?

so I wear a size 2 at abercrombie and fitch and a friend told me I’d be able to fit into kid’s jeans so I won’t have to spend as much money. has anyone done this? I just want an idea as to what size I’d be.

Answer #1

yes when I was a 2 at a&f I could fit into a 16 at abercrombie kids, but it depends on your age, if you still may grow more or gain weight, I would advise just buying them at a&f because you will just waste your money because I am now a 4 and I can no longer fit into abercrombie kids and I had to give all I those jeans away and now I spent like $200 dollars on jeans I grew out of!

Answer #2

indeed..and you can do that at any store..not just abercrombie..

Answer #3

well I wear size 15 and 17 in teens…

Answer #4

you will be a 14 or 16 in kids if your a 2

Answer #5

simleys right. =]

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