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Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

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I got another one...why do they call them apartments? they all attached together...shouldn't they call them attachments?

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If your knees bent the other way - what would a chair look like ?

If you're traveling in a car doing the speed of light and turn the headlights on - do they come on ?

Why is it called a tv 'set' - when there's only one ?

If a man makes a statement standing in the woods with no woman around for miles - is he STILL wrong ?

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How fun is this? My favorite is "It is cold as hell in here." If hell is believed to be eternal fire, hmmm?

A nose doesn't really run, does it? Grossness can drip out of the nostrils. And I don't put my toe up to smell the coffee or the flowers. Sometimes feet STINK! I guess the saying "feet smell" is incomplete, huh? Maybe it should be "my feet SMELL bad".

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The same reason we 'park on a driveway' and 'drive on a parkway' :-)

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if a fat chance and a slim chance are the same thing...why aren't a wise guy and wise man the same thing?

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Lol.. . . .
Hey I got a rise. . . .

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my nose does not run and my feet do not smell

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