A question about a fetish?

Here is the deal, I have a huge fetish for pantyhose\nylons\stockings\tights etc… I think they look awesome and I really like the feel of them. I know that this is kinda weird and certainly not the “norm” or accepted.

Normally I only put pantyhose on once and a while, do you think I could grow to hate pantyhose or break my fetish if I wore them day in day out? If I wore a really uncomfortable pair or something?

Do you think I should try to do anything about my pantyhose fetish at all?

Any suggestions or thoughts would be cool?

Answer #1

That is not natural for a man.

Answer #2

dont worry what you have is actually a very common fetish its also up there on the list of most common sexual fetishes among men a lot of people have a fetish, yours isnt anything worrying and its not doing any harm to anyone else so you should feel free to continue with it if you have a partner who doesnt know about it though, talking about it will be hard as will be finding a partner who accepts your fetish is its a regular occurance there are a lot of people out there though who will accept you theres even females who accept your fetish basically with everyone and what they do theres’ll be someone out there who accepts it if you love what your doing, theres really no reason to stop if you do want to stop I dont think wearing lingerae, no matter how uncomfortable will cure it you can open up and talk to someone like a counsellor or a therapist they should be able to suggest ways to cut down or change your way of thinking about it so you stop

Answer #3

The hypnosis suggestion may work (go to a psychologist for this please), but really it is harmless so unless it’s really bothering you (or impairing you, like you cant have sex without it) I wouldnt worry too much…

Answer #4

Yup I am a guy, and yes I have worn pantyhose, in fact I think they feel great on my legs. I know it doesn’t seem normal for a man, or natural as you said, but it is just a piece of clothing, anyway that is why I am looking for opinions and thoughts or suggestions, of any kind.

Answer #5

I don’t think you should worry about your fetish. It might seem weird to some people but it’s really not that weird at all when you consider other peoples fetishes (nail polish, piercings, tatoos, golden showers, etc.) Feel good about yourself and about being different. Just be honest about it if you have a partner as not to shock them. Also if ths really makes you unhappy then you could try to kick the habit but frankly, I really don’t see why.

Answer #6

Seriously You Wear Pantyhose && Your A guy???!?!?!?!?!?!

Get Help Pleasee

Answer #7

Your a guy && You wear pantyhose?!

Answer #8

Enjoy the great pantyhose fetish it is wonderful enjoy!

Answer #9

OK people, have some respect here. The man is asking for help, and you are not helping.

Pantyhose fetishes are not so uncommon…as a matter of fact, many men like the way they feel. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Wearing pantyhose in private is something you don’t have to admit to anyone - you’re not hurting anyone by doing so.

If you want to stop, however, that should be a choice you make for yourself, and not based on someone else’s opinion. You can certainly try going cold turkey. Make sure you don’t have any pantyhose in the house that could tempt you. Another option you could try is hypnosis - some people swear by this (I have never tried it, so I can’t give a personal account). Maybe a therapist can help you work out why you feel the need to wear them - once you find out the cause, it’s easier to deal with the problem.

Answer #10

Just because it’s a “fetish” doesn’t mean that it’s an obsession. You just like doing it. I like doing things but that doesn’t mean that I have to do those things everyday. I would throw out any of those things and see how long you can go without them. It’s kind of like breaking any habit. It’s hard at first but the longer you go without it the easier it is. But once you become obsessed with doing this then you’ve got a problem and should probably go talk to someone about it. Good luck!

Answer #11

As you get older you’ll discover that almost everything is normal–as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. There is no reason for you to worry about something like this–if it brings you pleasure, so be it. Some people go to bars and pay money to see women dance around naked and do lap dances. Is that normal? I think wearing pantyhose is less harmless than that. What is so important in life is that you realize that if you don’t accept yourself the way you are–then you’re headed for years of heartache. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weird or strange. Some people think the missionary position is the only normal way to have sex. Some spend years in therapy trying to accept themselves the way that they are. If something that brings you pleasure requires someone else to be debased, humiliated, or hurt–then that’s something to work on…ever seen Rocky Horror? Trust me, lots of women have lusted after Dr. Frankenfurter…especially because of his fishnet stockings.

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