How do you know if your actually are pregnant?

How do you know if your actually are pregnant??? And how should I tell my parents???

Answer #1

You take a pregnancy test - and it come up positive. You can not tell if you are pregnant or not without a test.

As for telling your parents - there is no easy way. Just sit them down and tell them. They will be mad at first, but they will come around and they will still love you and try and help you.

You need to find out if you are pregnant ASAP, because if you are, you need to see a dcotor right away to get medical attention and prenatal care.

Answer #2

Take a pregnancy test and or go to the doc…

as in for your parents well that will not be easy

Answer #3

you will know I f you are pregnant by going to a family doctor and if you are tell your parents right away it is better to hear it from you then from someone your parents do not know

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