a new grade

I need better grades in school. I usually get a B in writing which im ok with, in math I get a C, in science a B or a C, and in history a B or C. I want to get strait a’s at least one marking period. any tips???

oh and im not a person who likes to study.I just remeber most of the things of school work and home work

Answer #1

Err… Im sorry, but… I think that to be able to make the grade, you need to study at least some… =] I mean, how can you remember everything when you only see it once? lol. =]

Answer #2

You have to study.It’s sometimes stressful,but it’s totally worth it!Belive me,in the 6th grade,I got either high c’s or low c’s.Then I tried my hardest in the last two quarters of the year,then I got a’s.In all of my classes!I was so happy!If you try your hardest,you will get things you want or better!Belive me!Hope that helped!

Answer #3

You want us to tell you how to make better grades but you dont want to study?

Perhaps you should start studying…

Answer #4
  • Well even though you wouldn’t like studying you should do it four at least a hour or so. Just keep in mind when you’re being taught something…take out your notebook and take notes. That will help you get prepared for a test, even though if you dont think it’s not important enough to be written on paper you should just take notes anyways. &+ if you don’t understand a certain topic or what the teacher has assigned you to do for homework then do a lil research & try to get some clues for that topic. :) Hope my advice helps you.


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