A Few Questions on Some Serious Issues

Okay…Im going to be honest here. When I was younger I was diagnosed with BiPolar stge 2. Im normaly depressed. It will come and hit me like a wave…I will lay down and just sleep…I refuse to be active…I just sleep. At the point when I was diagnosed I was 11. When I was 13, I cut myself with a ink pen. It drove my family to the point where I was place in Pomegrante Heatlh Systems for a year. It helped me to a point…I was 15. Then I became Anorexia in there. When I left I was 100 pounds…It went down to 80 and I was placed in hospital care. Now. Im finally pregnant and I am really honestly scared. My b/f (prepare yourselfs) Is in a way, mean. He has never hit me or touched me in a threating manner. But he is verbally rude and mean to me. I get so stressed out that I CAN’T eat and I get so depressed I just want to die…I know that I can’t be like this…The stress and not eating can hurt my baby…But I want to know what I should do? My b/f says the baby is not his…I cheated on him once in JANUARY cus I found out he didn’t even dump his ex and A “friend” said I was just a easy target. Theres no way the baby is not his…Theres just not. I don’t want my child to raised in a broken home, but then again I don’t want him seeing me getting yelled at the rest of my life…please help. Dont be mean or hypicritical…God forgive my typing is bad…

Answer #1

Leave. Children are better off in single parent homes where there is no abuse than in two parent homes where their parents are miserable. Get as far away from this guy and bring up your baby in a good home. Your baby deserves better than a man who claims it isnt his…

Answer #2

Wow… reading this just makes me sad. I really feel for you. However, I have an idea of where your state of mind is. And I know that there one little paragraph of advice from someone on this website won’t be enough. I am going to be honest with you, and tell you that I have been in that state of mind before. I have attempted suicide several times, I was abused (physically and verbally) as a child, I was anorexic as well, my dad committed suicide, I was abused (physically and verbally) at school, and many other things that I had going wrong in my life. I was an unhappy child. My mom tried many different things to fix me. Only one of them worked. I went to see a hypnotherapist. This man was none like any other. after a few months of seeing him, I was smiling again, I didn’t hate anymore, I was optimistic, my school grades got better, and everything in my past was forgotten, and I finally moved on. I have been through hell, but I am happy to say that I have made it out alive and well. I have learned so much. I can understand your pain. I believe that you are a little bit older than I am, so it seems like you have had more pain in your life than I have. I really do want to help you. However, one small piece of writing on a website isn’t enough to fix the past years of your life, and your current problems. I would recommend seeing a hypnotherapist. They are not like normal therapists. I would know because I’ve been to several. I considered this guy to be more of a friend then a therapist. If you are not able to see one, then I would recommend that you find someone who you can at least talk to about your problems. Someone who you can trust and know will help. Someone like me. If you feel like there is no other option, I can help you during this difficult time. Please fun mail me if you feel the need. I will be more than happy to help. I know that you want your life to be better, and I know that you are willing to give an effort to fix things. That is the very first step to fix your life. Please help yourself and do what you need to do, because I hate to see someone’s life fall apart for no reason. Especially your baby. You want your child to be born into a life where he/she will be loved by all, with no negativity. Do what is right for you and your baby. Get help from anyone. Best of luck! I hope I can help!

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