What does a cross mean?

what a cross mean

Answer #1

The cross was originally the pagan’s symbol that the christians have borrowed from, and eventually made it their own symbol.

Read more about it: http://www.answering-christianity.com/abdullah_smith/cross_pagan_origins.htm

Answer #2

the cross represents many things… in christianity it represents the crucifixion… some see the cross as a pagan symbol… the KKK uses the cross as a symbol, a rallying point and a means of intimidation against their targets. There are dozens of different crosses…each representing something different…

Answer #3

depends what exactly your asking.

what does the revelation of the cross mean? what does the torture device: the cross mean? what does the cross mean that hangs from peoples necks?

which one???

Answer #4

Naughts and crosses… its a game.

Answer #5

it represents like jesus getting crucified

Answer #6

a cross represents god..

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