A better pet?

Which is a better, more fun pet…a chinchila or a sugar glider?

Answer #1

I like sugar gliders :)

Answer #2

Sugar gliders are cute but nocturnal and can be very very mean if not handled a lot from the day they are born. And if you keep it in the same room you sleep in be prepared to also be noctural bc they make a lot of noise. Chincillas are the same way. I owned both and they are hard to keep up with.

Answer #3

Since I’ve never had either, I decided to check them out. After reading about sugar-gliders, I can say, that I’d get a Chincilla…Sugar-gliders are difficult to own, at best…



Answer #4

sugar glider… they have leashes and they can fly around like a kite!!!

Answer #5

what the heck is a sugar glider?

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