A 13 digit phone number?

I was receiving phone calls from a 13 digit number, I was wondering if anybody knew what country they were from or what type of device, if they were even from this planet?? Haha but yeah... It boggled my mind, any ideas?

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I am also getting a call from a 13-digit number and I have tried to google it, but I get nothing. I am scared to answer the phone call because it might be some sort of scam. The number is 4969222230021.

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hmm 780 is an alberta code? but I dont know why the 011 would be there, you usually dial 011 to dial out of the US...

sorry couldnt be more help...

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Oh ok, cool well here is the Number if somebody can identify it lol :) 011-780-4860219

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lol, when I get calls from home (uganda) it's a 15 number code... it's probably an international call, unfortunately you have to be more specific about the area codes, 13 digit doesnt say much, it could be from Europe?

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It's an international call. 780 is a Alberta area code.

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