Can 911 track a cell phone?

if someone is missing but has their cell phone whould the cops be able to find out where the person and their phone was? how exact would the location be?

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Yeah, what's the cause?..
If it's been stolen, I guess the police can get involved.
Though, if you have lost it.. Too bad >_<

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Yes they can,bouncing off satellites


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yes they can but there has to be a good reason

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Yes. They can. & they will go to the source of whoever called. When I was younger I called *67911 on a fax machine as a joke (I thought it didn't work), & they answered & I freaked out & hung up. 10 minutes later there was a cop at the door. bahahah xD

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Yes they can but only for a good reason like if someone was in danger they can detect it from the satellite towers where the phone is getting reception from if the phone is on. If it's off, they can't. And it would be pretty exact on where the phone is eg. in "this" building on "that" street.

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Inside city limits it can for sure. In many rural areas only the tower that the phone is nearest can be idenified

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They would be able to track them if they had the battery and sim card in or the phone on.

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battery or sim card sorry

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Most Definalty

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Yes they would be able to track it.

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oh yeah.

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